The Ladder Boy is all about FAMILY & Inspiring others!

"We built our business on Integrity, Pride, Desire & Love. With every Ladder Boy ladder you get a solid representation that hard work does pay off and to always continue to climb that ladder of success!"


We Are Innovative

Inspirational. Creative. Functional.

We inspire to re-create/reinvent something pretty simple to something useful, Functional & esthetically pleasing to look at, with clean lines that are sure to compliment pretty much any décor in any part of your home... The Ladder Boy Ladders are designed like an art piece that can be mounted on a wall horizontally, vertically, even diagonally with the optional dual mounting hardware and various color choices to choose from, that can enhance any décor you mate it with.... Or use as an inspirational piece, to decorate a space where, you may have not have had an idea on how to start... Our mission is not only to compliment your design ideas but make it multifunctional and useful for different storage or display scenarios you may have in mind, While looking AMAZING!!!!



We Are Creative

Every Ladder Boy ladder is hand built, sanded, painted, and designed with multiply functions in mind. With living spaces that seem to be getting smaller we designed  something that can optionally serves multiple purposes with several available color choices. Maybe you need something to fill an empty space in a part of a room that looks amazing. Get a Ladder Boy Ladder. Order a specialty color and use as an art piece to mount on a wall to match your places décor, A Ladder boy Ladder is what you want. Our ladders Can be used In any room, whether you lean it up against the wall to use for throws blankets or towels. or mounted on the wall vertically or horizontally for spices, seasoning, cans of juice, sodas, keys, clothes or coats. Maybe suspend it from the ceiling to hang cups or a few pots and pans on it. Whatever the use you need it for, The Ladder Boy created a multi purpose ladder that can be used for different applications when you include the optional dual mounting or Tee-Pee (Available with two ladders purchases) hardware. Our ladders are the only ladders that provide a dual mounting or tee-pee hardware. We created The Ladder Boy Ladders to have the option to serve multiple functions besides leaning it against the wall. Our Slim-Goodie and Boxer ladders come in a natural wood color. However optional colors and hardware are also available. Any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us.



Our History

 "All Hands On Deck Here" Every ladder boy ladder is Hand-Crafted, Hand-Assembled, Hand-Painted, before being packed & Shipped."

We are a family of creators, designers, movers, shakers, and hard workers that wish to pass these traits down to all generations that come after us whether directly or indirectly. To be one of the several inspirations that encourage all generations, younger/ older and every age group in between to not just want to, but go after there dreams, no matter how long or how far away it may seem... it all starts with the 1st rung.

A Name You Can Trust

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them". Trust is the fundamental foundation that holds every relationship together. At THE LADDER BOY we believe in that philosophy, which has guided our growth, establish our name, and secure our footing for a lasting future.

We take pride in our work, with the products and services we provide, and the continued improvement processes we practice each and every day.

We take pride in meeting our customers needs ahead of any other ladder developers. We strive to outperform any other online shopping experience ahead of our competitors. 


The Ladder Boy team


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